Why Other Women Lie

Of course, you will hear from women who never had any trouble breastfeeding at all.  In fact, it was "the most natural" thing these women have ever done.  I am not exactly sure what the word "natural" means in this context and I'm sure most of them don't either.  These women have sometimes forgotten how hard it can be to establish and continue breastfeeding or they are frenemies who want to demonstrate they are stronger, better, and more dedicated to their babies than you are.  Some women genuinely want to be positive and encouraging and dismiss any issues they had as an exception or too embarrassing or negative to mention.  They may even feel guilty or blame themselves for any nursing-related moment that wasn’t the picture of maternal bliss.   If the atmosphere around breastfeeding were more sane and less emotional, more of these women would feel safe to speak informatively and openly about their experiences.  Instead, valuable information is lost behind safe platitudes and clichés like “Oh, nursing was so wonderful!" or "It was an amazing bonding experience!”