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Breastfeeding Truth

This blog is dedicated to providing honest and thorough information about breastfeeding, which is much more difficult to find than it should be.  Most expecting mothers plan to breastfeed because of general knowledge this provides optimal nutrition.  Unfortunately, the details of how breastfeeding benefits both babies and mothers are often left vague or left out.   Other important information is also frequently left out of advice given to expecting and new moms (or even lied about) - how tough it can be to establish and continue breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding Truth addresses aspects of breastfeeding that are rarely and poorly covered by most books, physicians, and advocates.  First, it addresses the real problems that you may encounter as a bresatfeeding mom – everything from a dehydrated newborn and cracked nipples to nursing in public to pumping milk in a cold, dirty bathroom stall.  This blog also provides an objective look the biology of breastfeeding and its effects on human health and development.  Additionally, Breastfeeding Truth informs readers about important legal rights that protect breastfeeding moms, and how to help improve brestfeeding legislation in your state and across the nation.

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